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    Getting your garage door finished is a big project. If you are ready to go, however, we are here to help.

    Let us make the process of getting the materials for your garage door project as easy as possible.

    Guiding Your Vision

    If you want to look at our Design Centre, it’s a great place to go where you can make a digital model of your garage door idea. We can use this to help you select products that match up with what you have in mind. The experts at Suburban Door Co., Inc., however, are fully capable of working with other materials, so don’t be shy to come in if you haven’t gotten this far yet.

    Bringing photographs is an excellent way to give us an idea of what might work for your garage door. Color swatches of window trim, exterior walls and doors are also excellent resources, and they ensure that the color selections you make are accurate. Plans, and even drawings are also helpful, so be sure to bring in any information you think we could use to help you find the products that you want for your home.

    See Our Showroom

    Our showroom in Livonia provides you with access to a huge range of different garage door options and the items that go with them. For instance, we carry the LiftMaster™ garage door openers, which are very popular options on the market and which are ideal for people who want to install heavy garage doors.

    When you come into the showroom, you get to take advantage of the fact that you’re not just looking at products online. You can, for instance, see how a window looks from both sides. You can see the texture and color of our garage doors at different angles. You can also see what different insulation specifications really mean in practical terms. All of these pieces of information can really help you to guide your decision, and we had some more questions that will likely help you, as well.

    For example, consider the architectural style of your house. This information can help us guide you toward the doors that match that architectural style. Are you planning on renovating the garage further? If you’re planning to add a room above the garage door, for instance, that that may make some difference in which selections work best for you. Your neighbourhood may even have a particular architectural style that you want to follow with, and this is something we will also take into account when you tell us about your project.

    We can help you work within your budget, as well, so you can realize the idea you have for your garage door in a way that suits your financial plans as much as your architectural plans.

    Leave with More

    In addition to informational brochures that we can give you about any of our products, we can also provide you with a no obligation estimate for the items. This really helps you to narrow down any budget questions and to get going on your project.

    Suburban Door Co., Inc. - Garage Door Showroom   Suburban Door Co., Inc. - Showroom
    Suburban Door Co., Inc. - Garage Door Showroom   Suburban Door Co., Inc. - Showroom
    Suburban Door Co., Inc. - Showroom   Suburban Door Co., Inc. - Showroom
    Suburban Door Co., Inc. - Showroom   Suburban Door Co., Inc. - Showroom



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