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  • Why I recommend Garaga

    We’re experts here at Suburban Door Co., Inc., and in our experience, it’s become obvious that Garaga is one of the highest quality garage door manufacturers. It takes dedication to making products that are reliable and durable for three decades straight; in addition, 30 years of providing best-in-class customer service has taught Garaga a thing or two about making its customers happy by exceeding their expectations every time.

    We have nothing but pride to be a member of the Authorized Garaga Dealer network at Suburban Door Co., Inc. Membership in this exclusive group is made up of only the most professional, knowledgeable, and experienced overhead door experts with a keen attention to detail and a dedication to providing exemplary service. We cannot recommend Garaga enough – like the slogan says, you’ll get Quality work… time after time! ™

    Here’s just a few reasons why Garaga makes the best garage doors in the business:

      Superior Insulation

    Garaga is headquarted in Quebec, Canada – a region of the world that is renowned for its incredibly cold winters. As a result, all GARAGA garage doors feature the kind of superior insulation that can keep the cold from creeping into your garage in the winter while keeping the baking heat out during the summer. Thanks to the thermal bridge technology built into every Garaga door, you can keep your family comfortable no matter what the weather brings, all without worrying about your energy bill. Additionally, GARAGA garage doors can withstand all types of weather. Not convinced? Take a look at one of our performance videos and you’ll be a believer in no time!

      Enhanced Durability

    It’s been proven time and again that Garaga products can meet and exceed all standards, easily withstanding even the most rigorous of scrutiny. This manufacturer takes incredible pride in their products, and we are so confident in their high quality doors that we offer a limited lifetime warranty for almost every model of Garaga door we sell. Putting your trust in Garaga will result in you getting the garage door you’ve always wanted – one that will last for decades. You’ll sleep better at night knowing you’ve got one of their doors.

      Stylish, Elegant Designs

    GARARA garage doors aren’t just weathertight and durable – they’re also ideal for anyone looking for a stylish and elegant garage door solution that matches the design of your home. Express your personality with a variety of different models, all of which are designed to be adaptable to different styles of architecture or local preferences. On top of that, there are a number of practical accessories, bright and beautiful colors, and even window styles to choose from if you want to add a touch of class. In fact, Garaga has one of the most complete and far-ranging collections of decorative garage door windows available today.


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